out from the deep.

Anonymous asked - "Which country are you currently in?"

Australia, you?

rant 2.0. i hate my facebook newsfeed

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The nose ring is growing on me (:

man, how far up their own asses can some people get?

just because you have an opinion (join the other 7 billion people in this club!), does not mean it’s necessarily the right one. who are you to decide where the line is drawn between offensive and acceptable? get over yourself. 
i don’t even know you but i already know i don’t want to.

bucket list check ✔

☐ live in canada 

☐ complete the inca trail and explore machu picchu

☐ visit las vegas

☐ go on a eurotrip: greece, spain, italy, scotland, romania inclusive

☐ roadtrip around australia

☐ get a grad position

☐ complete honours

☐ get pro at pole

☐ visit sites of seven wonders of the world 

✔ go skydiving 

☐ get skydiving license - i’m hooked

"the people who look for sexism in everything tend to be the most sexist bunch of all"

Things that pissed me off today: people.
Things that made me feel better: Elsa.
Conclusion: people fucking suck, and are generally stupid and unrealistic and whiney. Therefore I should move to a planet full of dogs and puppies where your biggest problem is there is too much love and not enough time to cuddle everyone and life would be awesome.


“Why should we care about women’s representation in video games?”

“Nobody is going to want a female protagonist!

“Their target audience isn’t big enough to warrant any games!”

“Women aren’t as capable as men, they don’t belong in video games!”

“If more women started playing video games, maybe then they’d have a say in the matter!”

That doesn’t mean every woman wants to play as a woman. 

Feminist Frequency: Twitter vs Female Protagonists in Video Games


Above is a tweet I made this afternoon in reaction to the fact that none of the games presented at…

Excluding the tweets where they just blatantly insult her, I really don’t see what the big deal is. They have a point. Those games don’t sell nearly as well. Companies don’t make games to please a minority (and even if 45 per cent of women play games, that does not mean they all want to play as a woman, so yeah, a minority), it’s a fucking business. Get over it.